Amazing Bonsai

Here’s my second-favorite set of photos – after those of the tiny frogs – from our day at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  There was a courtyard full of bonsai trees, of various ages and styles and species (more photos perhaps coming later) but this was by far my favorite.

Base of the Bonsai

Like our friend Granddad the Lungfish, this tree shocked me with its longevity.  It’s not exactly specified, but “hundreds of years” is long enough to be impressive.

Unspecified HundredsI really wonder how the care of it has passed down through generations, and how it came to be at the garden.

At any rate, it was a very beautiful and impressive tree, with many intricate twists to the trunk.



In its full glory:

Bonsai Limber Pine



5 thoughts on “Amazing Bonsai

  1. That’s a lovely but sad tree. I’m always torn morally about the bonsai practice to stunt and twist the natural form of a plant for aesthetics by denying the plant it’s proper nutrients and room for growth. I think they’re pretty but I sort of always feel like they’re screaming the torture of their twisted fibers. I’m also pretty sure it’s a silly thing to have moral dilemmas about. :) My brother, on the other hand, has a whole bonsai garden he is creating in his back yard. They’re lovely, especially the conifers.

    • You know, I haven’t considered the bonsai question the way you’re presenting it before. I guess it hasn’t seemed much different from planting trees in other restricted spaces, although of course uprooting them to prune the roots is much more extreme. I feel a little sad now….

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