Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden is one of my favorites – partly for its setup.  It’s situated on 3 islands, one of which – the Island of Eternal Happiness – you can only view from a distance.   (Unless you’re a garden staff member; then you’re allowed to visit Eternal Happiness in order  to maintain it.)

At the end of this set of photos is one of a “witch’s broom,” which apparently is a growth that, if removed and planted, can grow into a new tree.  Who knew!

4 thoughts on “Japanese Garden

  1. How fitting that you can gaze all day at The Island of Eternal Happiness but you can’t visit it. :) This Japanese Garden looks gorgeous. I wonder if you’ve visited Portland’s Japanese Garden? I think it’s best in the Fall when the maple leaves turn color.

    • That’s what we thought, also – that the third, unreachable island was aptly named. (Especially since, if you can get there and then have to spend the day working, the island wouldn’t be as nice as it sounds.)

      We have been to the Portland Japanese garden, and love it (and in fact are members). I haven’t been recently though. Thanks for the reminder – we should visit! It is small, but so peaceful and lovely.

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