Full Moon

We had a gorgeous one this week, and I had fun aiming at it with my (no-longer-quite-so-) new lens.  These are cropped in quite a lot, but I am really impressed with the detail that I could get – especially since I was holding my camera by hand (i.e. no tripod).

Full Moon


And with a little bit of a tree branch in front.

Moon with Tree Branch


9 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. Wow! Those are great photos. I’ve been wishing I could get the moon in the sunrise I’ve seen these last couple days but my camera is not that good.

    • Thanks :). I am afraid I’m not up early enough to see the moon at sunrise, but it sounds beautiful.

      The moon is a case where the equipment makes a lot of difference – I couldn’t have gotten those photos without the zoom range, and the manual exposure controls. And if I recall correctly, you don’t have a zoom lens on your camera, is that right?

      • That’s right. No zoom to speak of at all. I really do need to upgrade but I’ve been beating around the bush on the cost of a decent camera and lenses. I have started the window-shopping, though, so that’s the first step.

        • I know, the price of a good camera is pretty steep. When I was shopping last year, I set a budget that I thought was quite high ($500) but it turned out not to be all that easy to stick with. Or at least – it would have been really easy to exceed. The good news though is that there are a lot of great options out there to choose from.

          Have you looked at dpreview? I found it very helpful when shopping and comparing….

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