Feline Friend

After years of longing and disappointed hopes, in the form of my parents’ cats, neighborhood cats, and friends’ cats, Maxwell has finally made a feline friend!  A cat has been hanging out near our home for a little while now, and after making some friendly advances – in the form of sitting perfectly still, staring, and maniacal tail-wagging – Maxwell’s hopes have been rewarded in the form of a tiny, fluffy, super-friendly, super-talkative black cat.  The cat came trotting up to him a couple of times on our walks over the last few weeks, and then last weekend, ventured onto our front porch.

Max at first was quite puzzled.

Maxwell is curious and anxious to meet the cat

Cat Friend was not at all interested in doing the usual meet-and-greet sniffing ritual.

Attempting a sniff

Instead, it seemed to want to nuzzle, which Max could meet only with wide-eyed confusion.

After the opening introductions of sniffing and rubbing, both cat and pups became relaxed and happy.  I was quite surprised at the cat’s bravery; most seem to be frightened of Max (even though he only wants to sniff & explore), but it didn’t even stop at cuddling and walking around near him.

After making friends with Max, the cat turned its attention to me, trotting over, talking to me, staring at me, and after a moment or two, jumping right onto my lap, at which move Maxwell was once again thrown into confusion.


As CF sat on my lap and purred, Max contemplated this extremely weird turn of events…

… but decided after a while that he could share my affection with his new friend.  For a while, Max and Cat Friend were quite happy together, and whenever we’d hear CF meowing out front, Max would run to the door, and they sat happily looking out together.

happily sharing the porch


If the mean humans wouldn’t let Max out, they would have to resort to crude, distant through-the-window communication, which was pretty cute (at least until CF jumped up and tried to climb the screen).

Unfortunately, Cat Friend is not in a good position.  It must be a stray, since we’ve discovered it was being fed by our neighbor two doors down – and very sadly, none of us have seen it since yesterday (Wednesday) morning.  Most of our neighbors have been friendly toward it (the one has been feeding it, and another talked about possibly adopting it) but one has made clear that she loathes its dirty, horrible strayness, its outdoor living (and presumable bird-murdering) and the overnight meowing it does outside her bedroom window.  I’m afraid that the third has prevailed, since an animal control van was patrolling the next street over on Tuesday.  I hope that this is not the sad ending to Max’s budding friendship, but …..

On a separate note: what do you think of his hilarious new haircut?  He had his first official professional groom last week, and even though I said we like him to have some hair left on top, this was the result.  It’s taken a while to get used to; for a couple of days, every time I saw him I had to stifle a giggle at his extra-round looking head and cropped bangs.


9 thoughts on “Feline Friend

  1. Thanks for sharing the cute photos! I’m sad to think your angry neighbor might have called animal control. While outdoor cats hunting birds is a serious problem, if she called animal control, she has essentially sentenced this cat to death. Really too bad – it seems so friendly and lovely! I’m glad Max was able to have a cat friend for a while.

    • Good news – we’ve actually seen CF twice now since Wednesday! I’m not sure why he or she has been around less; I haven’t had a chance to talk with the potential-adopter neighbor, but maybe she’s taken it in. :)

  2. Maxwell’s puzzled expressions are fantastic, and I wondered who cut his bangs like that. :) HA! It’s a cute little friend story…except for the possibly tragic ending. I feel so sad that such a friendly and loving cat couldn’t be tolerated by your impatient neighbor long enough to find a proper placement. I hope the kitty was able to hide out from the animal control van and will soon be making another visit, and if so, perhaps a stray cat advocacy group might be able to help.

    • Yeah – I feel a little bad for exploiting his confusion, but he just looks so funny when he’s not sure what’s happening. Very cute.

      As I mentioned to Jennifer – the cat’s visited our porch again, so we know it wasn’t picked up by animal control. I’m not sure what it *is* doing, but if it’s still on its own (…I need a chance to talk with our neighbors) I may look into an advocacy group. That’s a good idea. It’s such a friendly little thing, it deserves a good home.

  3. I really like this cat and the friendship. I do so wish cat-friendly neighbor would call animal control to adopt before it is too late.

    • I do hope that someone adopts it! As we mentioned yesterday, we know it’s still around. I’m sure Max’s favorite solution would be for the cat-friendly neighbor to adopt, so he can visit from time to time :)

  4. Julianne, What a delight, yet it does not seem surprising to me that Max’ temperment would allow him to engae so freely with his cat friend. While dogs have not been particularly central in our lives, we have had several and we have known many. Max is in a class by himself for – at ease, laid back and a friend surely to masny. Love, Rob

    • I agree. He is an exceptional dog, isn’t he? I’ve seen happy cat/dog friendships when they’re owned by the same family, but I’m not sure many dogs would react to a strange cat the way he does.

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