“Real Salt”

Real Sea Salt

I think someone’s gone a little overboard with their marketing.

My favorite part is the ingredient list: “Ancient Sea Salt.”

(And they weren’t kidding about the “unrefined” and “60+ trace minerals” – the salt inside is rather sandy looking.)

2 thoughts on ““Real Salt”

  1. :) Ha! That’s pretty funny. I’m curious where in Utah they’re getting their “untouched by pollution” sea salt. Seems like Utah is pretty land-locked and salt sources, both mined and in the sea, are all somewhat polluted. I also like that they went to the extra effort to label their salt “gluten free.” That’s fantastic! :)

    • Yes – gluten free!! Because most salt has all those nefarious wheat proteins lurking in it, just waiting to irritate our stomachs.

      It really is an excellent salt packet – a very high entertainment-to-surface-area ratio.

      I hope no one has actually tried taking one packet per hour with water. Ick.

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