Stunt Skydivers

Sorry for going MIA this week; we’ve been on a very short but fun trip to Michigan.  But now I’m back… and before posting the couple of photos I took in the midwest, I thought I’d follow up a little on the Air Show from two weekends ago.  This is the most interesting thing we saw there: sky divers with little jets attached to them, with which they made contrail patterns in the sky.

The two above jumped from a pretty low level – nothing very unusual, except for the jets.  But about 5 minutes after they had landed, we looked up and saw a plane flying and two tiny, tiny contrails near (but not behind) it.   As they fell, we realized it was another set of jetted skydivers, this time making patterns with a plane.  Pretty amazing – especially given the height from which they jumped (very large).  I’m zoomed in in these photos – and the close-up is cropped – so you get an idea of how far up they were.


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