Dining Room

This is pretty much a friends-and-family post…  we’ve changed our dining room a lot over the last few months, and have had quite a few requests to see it in its brand-new, spiffed up shape.  So if you haven’t been up on the dining room saga, feel free to move along – but if you’ve asked and are curious, here it is.

Dining Room

What feels like the biggest change is our new table – happily for me, I have appropriated the old one as a desk/work table in the loft/office area upstairs.

The chandelier was a wedding present from my grandparents; it’s got a second tier which is very large and since we’ve lived in apartments until last year we’ve never been able to hang it.  But now that we’ve got our own ceiling, we’ve been able to put it up.  Our dining room is still a pretty small area, not really big enough to handle the full 12-bulb fixture, so John cleverly removed the bottom part and now it’s just the right size.  We’re still debating what the best chain length is….


Our hexagonal table is a hand me down from my other grandparents; it’s not new to us, even – I’ve had it since going off to college – but it’s found a new home as extra dining room storage.

Hexagonal Table

We also have a new-to-us sideboard, also from my grandparents.  It’s not in the absolute best shape, but we really like its shape and style, and are very glad to have the extra storage.  Since the back is unfinished, we rotated the dining table to accommodate the sideboard on the solid wall, and while the new configuration took some time to feel normal, we both really like it now.


(What’s on the chairs is another set of small paintings that we haven’t had the chance to hang yet.  We’re debating exactly where to put them; their current living-on-the-spare-chairs location is temporary.)

Most of the rest isn’t new, or at least not very new.  The chairs are one of the first things we bought when we moved to Oregon – and we had a little bit of a chair problem.   We lived in a one bedroom apartment with the bedroom as a storage area, the mattress and box spring in the dining room, and a futon and 14 chairs in the living room.


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