Long-overdue Knitting Update

It’s been so long since I’ve mentioned any knitting projects I have going on.  The sad news is that I’ve been very busy this summer and have not had much time to knit, so my lovely stash yarns and my long list of wonderful projects that I have in mind have been languishing, untouched.

What I have gotten done in the last couple of months is (1) finishing the first pair of socks to match my turnagain cowl, and (2) most of a pair of socks for John.

John's Neville Socks


This has been a fun pair to work on – although his feet are enough larger than mine that it feels like I have been knitting these forever.  It’s my first pair of toe-up socks, so while I’m basing them off of the stitch pattern & Eye of Partridge heel of these Neville Socks, I have had to do some calculating and adjustment.  The heelflap and gusset construction is a little strange going “backward” (I’ve only ever done it top down before) but I like the method quite a lot, and anticipate doing all of my socks toe-up from now on.

The yarn for John’s socks is Madeleine Tosh, and one of my 4th of July purchases at Cannon Beach.  Someone was sympathizing with John for having been dragged into a yarn shop on a holiday, and he replied that “maybe at least he’d get a pair of socks out of it.”  After that, how could I leave without him choosing a sock skein?  If it was a scheme, it worked.

My turnagain socks turned out quite well.  I don’t have a photo of them finished, but I’ve been wearing them pretty hard since mid-July and the Black Trillium Merilon yarn is holding up well – nice and sturdy – and I’m pleased with the way the stripe pattern turned out.  Photos, perhaps, coming … eventually ….


5 thoughts on “Long-overdue Knitting Update

  1. Fall is brewing. You can feel it early in the mornings and my blueberry leaves are turning color already. Newly knit socks are just the thing!

    • Fall is brewing – what an perfect way to put it. We have trees beginning to be tipped with red, and the heat has certainly broken – it’s been cool and comfortable the last couple of days. I am excited – time for pumpkin and apple-cinnamon muffins for breakfasts – time for apple picking – time for comfortable fall hikes!

      And as you say – time for freshly knitted socks. :) I have a pair for myself lined up in my knitting queue in the next couple of projects.

  2. What is your analysis on the pros/cons of toe-up vs. cuff-down sock knitting? I haven’t tried socks yet and am curious about your perspective…

    • I’d say I like creating a heelflap-and-gusset from the top down better than foot-up, but I do really appreciate (on this pair) not having to guess when to start the heel. I made the foot long enough to fit John, and now I’m just working away at the leg until I run out of yarn. I always make my socks too short the other direction – I start panicking and thinking I won’t have enough yarn to finish, and start the heel way before I really need to.

      I also like the neatness of Judy’s Magic Cast-on for the toe-up construction; it’s turned out much nicer than my kitchenering (for top-down) usually does.

      • Ok cool, that’s a good point about working your way up until running out of yarn. I’m still nervous about starting the mittens and running out of yarn! I’m going to be e-mailing you a lot when I get to that project… :-P

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