Fun with effects

Comic Book styleDot-art comic book style…

Me - pop art style


… and pop-art style.  These are just taken with my computer webcam, using the silly effects in photo booth.

(That’s a hood that I have pulled up over my head, by the way, not a new hair style.)

Look – we’re colorful!

Me and John

In other words: this is me being lazy, and procrastinating on any sort of “real” photography.  Part of it is that I have a lot of photos from the Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Michigan, that I haven’t sorted through – and part of it’s that the weather hasn’t seemed very photo-friendly lately.  When I’m outside, the light is flat and gray or bright and harsh, and nothing looks very pretty or interesting.  Hopefully that will turn around soon!

Also: I intend to have a new blog style soon.  I have decided I am not cut out for a monthly, or even seasonly header image change, when I have to mess with the image in Pages to get the blog title in.  I am on the lookout for a new theme, and perhaps a year-round image that I can use up top.  I might experiment with things a little, so as a heads-up: you may have to “pardon the dust” for a few days around here.


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