Rabbit Mold

This was in the lighthouse kitchen: a rabbit-shaped mold.  The question is, what were you supposed to mold inside it?  It’s between a candle mold, and some sort of cooking implement.   I can’t see it used for a cake, or a large rabbit candle….

Mysterious Mold

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Rabbit Mold

    • You know, I didn’t even think of chocolate, because it seems like a ridiculous amount of work to get something that would taste just as good…. but I guess if you can’t just pop to the grocery store to get cutely-shaped chocolate for your kids, it would be a not-too-hard way to give them a treat. Good call. :)

  1. Hmmm… pudding? Jell-o with fruit in it? It could be a bundt-type cake? Or maybe a chocolate bunny? Cheese? …I’m just thinking of everything that can be molded but I really have no idea. My Mom used to make a rabbit cake every year for my birthday but she didn’t use a mold, she cut out sheet cake into ears, face, and bow-tie. It was pretty cute.

    • Ha, cheese! I went through all of what you listed in my mind, except for the cheese, and discarded them because I can’t imagine them actually having enough integrity to stand up. Unless you made a really rock-hard cake…. Your rabbit birthday cakes sound adorable, and much more practical; it sounds like it was a flat, lying-down rabbit, rather than a 3D one.

      I think Jennifer and Zoe might have hit the actual purpose with Chocolate. Or perhaps cheese. :) (I don’t mean to make fun of your cheese-rabbit idea; it really tickles my fancy, actually. I almost want to hunt down a rabbit shaped mold for myself now, to make a cheese rabbit of my own.)

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