Haircut Sadness

Not me, thankfully, but Maxwell.  He went to the groomer again this morning and came back looking even weirder than last time.  Whereas before they gave him a super-round head and strange, high bangs, this time they didn’t trim his cheek and chin hair at all.  His face is square and droopy – his eyes are resentful.  He could be General Burnside for Halloween.

I didn’t actually get a good shot of his new haircut; upon returning from the groomer’s, he flopped down on his side and refused to budge.

Flopped Pups


I can’t tell if that’s depression about his new haircut, or just unhappiness about having gone to the groomer at all.

Please help, I can't go out in public like this.


Or it could just be laziness.

As a separate animal update: I have official news that our friendly neighborhood cat has been adopted.  She still visits, although less frequently, and now has a collar and tags.  Her new name is Black Bat.  Hooray!

Black Bat


(I assume it’s a she, given the pink and purple tags and collar….)

On that note – happy Labor Day, everyone.  Posting will resume (perhaps with a new look) on Tuesday!


9 thoughts on “Haircut Sadness

  1. I think it is Maxwell’s raccoon mask that makes him look like that. Normally his white hair disguises it, but now it’s out in its full darkness. I noticed several dogs like him this weekend with a similar cut, but all white fur around eyes, and they looked chipper!

    I am so glad to see the cat! That is great news. And I am glad he visits you and Maxwell from time to time.

    • Well, you may be right about his dark eyes, but it was definitely also a *lot* of hair left around his cheeks and jowls. That photo was not great for showing it, since his face was pressed to the floor, but there really was a great deal of hair…. although not any longer. We trimmed it up Friday evening – I just couldn’t stand looking at him like that any longer.

    • Poor guy indeed, especially since I realized later that they didn’t do his toenails and I had to take him back to get that done. He has not had a happy grooming weekend. (Neither have we for that matter – I do not plan to take him back to the same groomer a third time.)

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