The Civil War at Fort Stevens

After we drove out to Astoria, we had a few hours free before we could check in to our hotel, so decided to visit Fort Stevens for their “miles of bike trails,” batteries, beaches, and washed-up shipwreck.  We parked near the entrance, hopped on our bikes, and embarked on the miles of trails, heading in the general direction of the  batteries and military museum.   As we popped out of the woods, though, we saw that everything was not as-expected.

The "south"'s civil war encampment


Right in front of the battery: a huge civil war encampment.

We spent quite a bit of time walking around and looking at the demonstration… I’ve never seen one before, and was startled by the size and scope of the thing.

We also did get out (briefly) to one of the batteries to look around.  Nice view of the river from on top (of course).

So now the park is on our must-return list, since we got an unusual and unexpected (and interesting) adventure but missed out on most of what we wanted to see there.  Next time, we are definitely visiting the Peter Iredale shipwreck!

4 thoughts on “The Civil War at Fort Stevens

  1. Sometimes you just have to take it as it comes even if it means missing what you had planned to see. Some of the best things come of that. I had no idea they did Civil War stuff out there, either. The war museum out there is obviously not a Civil War era thing, but what a great spot anyway. I love perusing the Civil War reenactments. Fun photos.

    • It was a lot of fun – and at least it’s close enough that we can go back without too much trouble. We seem to be settling in to about 3 Oregon trips a year, which just does not seem enough to see everything I want to see, but maybe we’ll be able to go a little more often in the next few years. We will see.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!

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