Goonies House

Are you familiar with the movie The Goonies?  I wasn’t before we visited Astoria, but it was a favorite of John’s when he was young (rightly so, being a quintessential young boy’s adventure movie).  It’s set in Astoria, and when John realized that, we had to watch it.  Evidently our idea wasn’t unique, because when we called down to the front desk of the hotel to ask if they had any movies available to borrow, the answer was – “well, we have The Goonies….”

(Fun fact – it’s got a young Samwise Gamgee in it.)

The thing is, the actual house that’s the setting of the first part of the movie is an actual house in an actual neighborhood in Astoria, and it’s labeled right on the map, so of course the next day we had to go and see it.  It’s conveniently located at the east end of town, so after we passed the Sea Lion dock, we headed south into the residential streets.  The land climbs steeply (and so do the roads – more on that later) so soon we were not far from the river laterally, but quite high above it, in front of The House!

John and Max in front of the Goonies House


John was a little sad because in the movie, there is a huge and elaborate Rube Goldberg device in the yard that allows you to open the gate from inside the house, and – surprise! – there was no such thing there in real life (any longer).

It was also a little awkward, because there were a lot of other people trekking up and down the driveway to take photos in front of the house.  We had to wait for a few minutes before our turn came up for a photo.   However, it was pretty cool to see, and we were both glad to take the little side excursion.


3 thoughts on “Goonies House

    • Hi Mom – sorry for the reply delay. I thought I had yesterday, but it looks like wordpress ate the reply. Anyway, no, we didn’t see the inside. It’s actually someone’s private home, and while they are OK with people looking at and taking photos of the outside (with signs stating as much) they request that you don’t go into the yard or up to the porch. Makes sense.

    • (I think they are being pretty generous. I’m not sure I’d like a continual line of people gawking at my house all summer long…. I had better make sure not to buy a house that has been featured in any movies, hadn’t I?)

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