View from the Top

Of the hill at least – not the top of the tower.  After climbing a large number of hills between the Goonies house and the Column, only to find at each that we had reached a dead end and had to go down again and back up, I was completely beat.  There was no way I was going to walk up another 150 stairs (or however many it is) just to be slightly higher up.

Plus the view is very beautiful just from the base of the tower.

Looking Westward


Here are John and Max again…

John and Maxwell

standing in front of what looks, from this angle, suspiciously like a bridge held together by duct-tape.

Duct-taped bridge


Check out how far we climbed!
(confession: by the 5th thwarted attempt upward, I had to start pushing my bike up the steep inclines.  But I still made it!)


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