The best fish and chips in Astoria.

Bowpicker boat

We read it before we got there, and were a little skeptical, but after testing a decently large sample group, we concur – it’s Bowpicker Fish & Chips. It’s tiny – just a little boat – where the only  options are a full- or half-size order of fish-and-chipped tuna and fries.  You get to the window – say how much you want – and they fry it and hand it over.  I’ve never had tuna fried like that before, and it didn’t sound that great, but it actually works really well – nice and firm.

Unfortunately, the length of the line matches the food’s reputation, and after a morning of biking up and down hills we were very tired and hungry.

Bowpicker lineBut we traded off standing in the sun and sitting in the shade, and lunch was all the more delicious for the wait.  Definitely recommended if you’re in Astoria – especially if you’ve biked or walked up to the column just prior.

The boat itself is interesting – it’s a type of fishing boat I wasn’t familiar with before.  Here’s another one that was out in front of our hotel.

Bow PickerAccording to the informational sign, the bow picker style of boat was designed for single-person operation.  The open space at the bow has a second set of controls, so you can stand up there and steer and haul your fishing nets in at the same time.  No need for a crew.

Bow controlsNice and efficient for a small operation.





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