Sunrise Progression

Some minutes after the photos from yesterday; it was really interesting how quickly the sky and clouds changed color from gray, to blue, to bright pink, back to a purplish blue.

Sun peeking through


Break of Day


Bright Sunrise


I was not so happy to be awake early enough to catch the sunrise, but at least I got some beautiful pictures from it.


6 thoughts on “Sunrise Progression

  1. Again, these sunrise photos are just glorious. That last one especially. I get ready for work before sunrise and the sun rises when I’m in the shower so I miss it chronically although I’ve usually already done the work to get up early enough to see it. Soon, though, with the shortening of the days I’ll be able to actually see the sunrise as I’m walking for the bus – the perfect week in Fall, before it’s dark all the way into work and the sun rises sneakily while I’m sequestered in my office.

    • Oh, that’s a nice treat with the changing seasons – you get the sunrise from time to time! Do you get to have that perfect week twice (with daylight savings ending) or does it only come once?

      I do love the sunrise, but we’re usually not up to see it. Of course as it moves later, we’re up, but the other problem is that our condo has a NE-SW orientation so at home, while we can see the result of the sunrise (beautifully colored sky and clouds), we don’t have any windows from which we can see the actual sun when it’s rising in the southeast in the fall and winter … so it’s that much more rewarding when I can see a good sunrise on vacation.

      • You’d think so, with daylight savings, but last year it did not grant me an extra week of sunrise or sunset. I think maybe because they’ve moved the dates out, both earlier in Spring, and later in Fall. I am not a fan of the ridiculous time changes. My apartment is also oriented NE/SW so I don’t see the actual sun popping up, but it’s the colored sky and the special feel of a sunrise I like best anyway.

        • Hmm, yeah, that new daylight savings date has throw things off, hasn’t it. Too bad you don’t get the double week now!

          And I agree with you on the whole sky being just as beautiful as the actual sunrise. Like this morning – i was awake but still in bed when the sun rose this morning, and I could see the pink glow on the railings, on the trees, in the sky – it was cheering, even though I didn’t see the sunrise itself.

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