Flying Ear

Relaxing Puppers
I forgot that I’d taken this photo – it’s back when Max had gotten his jowly General Burnside haircut, before we trimmed it up.  So his face looks a little weird, but I thought it was hilarious that he decided to rest like that with his ear flapped up and his leg cocked – he’s not on his back or his side, but halfway in between.  But I guess it was comfy!


5 thoughts on “Flying Ear

  1. Very funny and very descriptive! As I waited for the page to load, I envisioned a cob of corn in the air, and was surprised to find Maxwell!

  2. Yep, pretty cute flying ear. It seems to be a little less cute when my cat walks around the house with her ear literally inside out after a cat-bath. Maybe she’s drying it out. Doesn’t seem to bother her at all, but I can’t stand it and have to flip it back out to normal.

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