strange building-boat

We’ve had visitors in this weekend (and last) and we spent some time talking about our vacation in Astoria – in particular, the boats we saw passing our hotel.  We were reminded of one that is really indescribable – so I’m putting up the photos.

If I recall correctly, John noticed this first, and exclaimed in surprise that a building was being towed downriver….

Tugboat tugging a building?


On closer inspection, the situation really did not clarify itself.  What is this thing?  Where is it going?  What is it doing, being towed out to sea?

Is it a barge?



But regardless of the boat-building confusion that was never resolved (we really should have looked at the ship schedule while we had the chance), the tugboat was cool.


Or is it a towboat, since it’s got the flat front and two protruding pushing-bars?  I think that tow boat is the correct term, but I can’t remember.  Anyone?


2 thoughts on “strange building-boat

  1. I have never made a distinction between tow boats and tug boats. I’ve always called them all tug boats. I now also wonder if that is incorrect. And that’s an interesting building being towed/tugged also, very curious.

    • I never knew there was a difference either, but we saw a sign about it at the Maritime Museum. Something about how the boats are shaped and what they’re used for – maybe tugboats are more ocean-going, and tow boats used on inland water ways? And there was something else about whether they are used to help a boat to harbor vs. a long-distance tow/tug. Obviously I paid attention to the sign really well, and am now super good at explaining the distinction in all its intricacy. :p

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