Yarn Treats from Edinburgh

My dad recently had a business trip to Scotland, and very kindly offered to accept a yarn-purchasing commission from me.  He took time out of his schedule to stop by Kathy’s Knits to pick up some treats.  My commission was for a sweater’s worth of Blacker Swan, 10 balls of which I am now the excited owner.

Blacker Swan Falkland Islands Wool

Gorse Gold is the colorway.  I’m going to make Kate Davies’ Edinburgh-inspired Braid Hills cardigan to match.  Swatch is completed – casting on today!

Braid Hills swatch


I also got 3 other surprise yarn treats from Scotland – will post them later!


4 thoughts on “Yarn Treats from Edinburgh

  1. That’s a gorgeous sweater color & pattern! How exciting. Almost as good as buying a sweater while on vacation in Scotland itself. :) ..no! only better, because you’re making it yourself.

    • That’s what I’m hoping – better because I get to work with the yarn, better because I can adjust the fit to myself as I go.

      (Although of course it would have also been nice to actually get the vacationing-in-Scotland part myself… but barring that, I can’t see anything better than this!)

      I’m hoping to finish this in the next couple of weeks – or month at the outside. The gold is such a perfect fall color and I would love to be able to wear it this season.

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