Summer Tweed

Evidently, despite recently finishing my months-long tweed sweater project, I’m not over the tweed bug yet.  (Which is good, because my local yarn shop has recently gotten in some beautiful ones…) I’ve re-begun working on another old stash project: a summer-weight tweed cardigan hoodie.

Summer Tweed Hoodie

It’s a standard top-down raglan, with the addition of a hood (also top-down, seamed up the middle) and little cables at the raglan increase points.

Raglan cable detail

I’m using Rowan Summer Tweed, which is a beautiful yarn, though its cotton and silk composition render it rather stiff and unforgiving.

Summer Tweed

My fingers can only take a few rows at a time before revolting – and demanding a nice, springy wool to relax them again.  I’m not too worried about the finished product, though; I knit and washed a gauge swatch at the beginning of the project, and the washing really softens the material.  It ought to be a sturdy and comfy sweater when finished.

Maxwell seems to have no problem at all with the sweater’s current comfiness, though.  Cotton, wool, whatever – as long as it’s one of my works-in-progress, he is more than happy to consider it his own personal bed.

Nice, comfy WIP


Beautiful Oregon

In going through some of my older photos, I realized I completely left off our tour of oregon last fall, and never picked it back up again.  Today has been a day full of lots of news (including some great news from my brother Ryan), and lots of work (including a super-cute knitting project that I’ll show you … soon), so to keep this blog post simple, here are some more photos from our Labor Day road trip through Oregon.  Varied landscapes, and the beautiful Deschutes River….



Open Road





John and Max at the Deschutes River




Deschutes River





Poor Pups

Maxwell had a tooth cleaning appointment at the vet yesterday, and has not been at all himself since.  He had to be put under, unfortunately for a slightly extended period of time since he ended up needing to have an impacted tooth extracted and some sort of antibiotic gel application, and when I finally picked him up he was rather woozy and dazed.  I’m sure it would have been funny to the outside observer, to see him walking around in a confused haze, but it tugged at our heartstrings.

By now, though, I’m afraid he’s come around completely and is now milking the situation for all it’s worth.  For instance, last night he refused to get out of bed and eat, so I hand-fed him his favorite (and very expensive) once-a-year-treat food.  Then this morning, when it was time for a little food with his pain medicine, he sat there staring at me blankly.  “What?  You expect me to degrade myself by sticking my nose in a bowl?!” and so on.  Eventually he ate the meal, delicately avoiding the pill, even though it’s supposed to be chewy and tasty for dogs.  He still refused it after I covered it in peanut butter, and I ended up in a wrestling match to shove it onto his tongue.

And every time I try to get him to budge, to walk, to drink water, he flashes me his little dog-bone leg bandage that’s covering the IV spot, rubbing it in that he’s in pain and I put him there, purposefully …

poor puppers, in pain


… but of course if I try to take a photo, he’s having none of it.  Cold shoulder.

cold shoulder

Serves me right, I suppose, for feeling sorry for him yesterday and coddling him in the evening.

Unfortunately, I can’t help it.  His pitiful little leg and face are too much to take – and the coddling will probably continue.  Poor puppers!

dog bone bandage

Girls’ weekend & Alpacas

Dear blog readers,

Please excuse my unannounced absence last week.  Mom came out to visit while John was off at a bachelor party, and we had a very busy weekend.  I feel like I may as well link to what I posted after Jennifer left in December.  The situation was much the same – less cooking and knitting, more quilt shops, but either way, a whirlwind of busy-ness.

And again … we went to visit the awesome alpacas.

Mom, Alpacas


This time, Max was with us, so the alpacas were extremely attentive.  Max made little whimpering noises at them, and they made strange squawking ones back at him.

Maxwell and Mom

But I don’t think they were afraid; they all walked closer to us, instead of freezing in fear or running away.  I really think they were as curious about Max as he was about them.

Alpacas, Artfully Arranged

It was slightly disconcerting that, since they all could hear Max, or see him, or sense him, they stared in our direction continuously.

Alpacas At Attention

And then there was this guy.

Alpaca Concern

This was one of the first shots I took, before they noticed Maxwell.  (And certainly before he had noticed them.)  I can’t remember the exact sequence of things, but I do wonder if this guy was the first to become aware of him.


What do you think: gasp of surprise, or just an innocuous yawn?

Thank you for your patience; I will try to resume normal blogging, although the wedding I’ve mentioned before is coming up next week, and things might be quite busy for us between now and then!


New Look?

I’ve been considering a new look for my blog for a while now, and I think I’m going to go with this for a few days and see how I like it.  I really love the font (serifs, finally!) and the general look of it … but I’m not too sure about a couple of things.


– Font – nice, neat, readable.

– No side bar (I think the centered text looks very nice.)

– Larger photos



– No side bar … and I kind of liked having a “follow” button up top.

– The header font is ALL CAPS, which is decidedly not what my blog title is supposed to be.  It’s very specifically an all-lower case puddle-wonderful life.  This might be the deal breaker here.



What do you think?  Do you like it?  Should I keep looking?  I definitely want a change from my previous theme, but it doesn’t have to be this one.

And just because I can’t post a post without a photo, and Maxwell has been strangely absent for a while, here’s a photo of him from last weekend – lounging on the rug, with his favorite doggy as a pillow.

Maxwell with his favorite toy.

Home again

After a lonnnnng trip back from the opposite corner of the US, we have returned home from our little Thanksgiving trip – perhaps slightly worse for the wear for having overindulged for five days straight on tasty but not-quite-as-healthy treats, and definitely feeling rather sluggish this afternoon.  Maxwell (from last night) well represents how all three of us feel right now.

I see a glint in his eye, though – so hopefully after an evening of being cozy and lazy, we will all be up and ready to go tomorrow morning.  I have a lot I hope to get done this week and next!