Forest Berries

From the woods around Fort Clatsop.

Lily of the Valley berries?I think they may be wild Lily of the Valley in an intermediate stage of ripeness.  Can anyone confirm (or point out what the actually are)?


Evening Frog

Evening Frog

He was right on our front porch with us during dinner last night!

Do you like how he’s clutching that dried (raspberry) leaf so firmly?  It looked like he was going to hop off with it.

View from the Top

Of the hill at least – not the top of the tower.  After climbing a large number of hills between the Goonies house and the Column, only to find at each that we had reached a dead end and had to go down again and back up, I was completely beat.  There was no way I was going to walk up another 150 stairs (or however many it is) just to be slightly higher up.

Plus the view is very beautiful just from the base of the tower.

Looking Westward


Here are John and Max again…

John and Maxwell

standing in front of what looks, from this angle, suspiciously like a bridge held together by duct-tape.

Duct-taped bridge


Check out how far we climbed!
(confession: by the 5th thwarted attempt upward, I had to start pushing my bike up the steep inclines.  But I still made it!)

Fun with effects

Comic Book styleDot-art comic book style…

Me - pop art style


… and pop-art style.  These are just taken with my computer webcam, using the silly effects in photo booth.

(That’s a hood that I have pulled up over my head, by the way, not a new hair style.)

Look – we’re colorful!

Me and John

In other words: this is me being lazy, and procrastinating on any sort of “real” photography.  Part of it is that I have a lot of photos from the Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Michigan, that I haven’t sorted through – and part of it’s that the weather hasn’t seemed very photo-friendly lately.  When I’m outside, the light is flat and gray or bright and harsh, and nothing looks very pretty or interesting.  Hopefully that will turn around soon!

Also: I intend to have a new blog style soon.  I have decided I am not cut out for a monthly, or even seasonly header image change, when I have to mess with the image in Pages to get the blog title in.  I am on the lookout for a new theme, and perhaps a year-round image that I can use up top.  I might experiment with things a little, so as a heads-up: you may have to “pardon the dust” for a few days around here.


Highland Cattle




We saw this furry friend while in Michigan a couple of weeks ago; this photo is one of my favorites from the trip.

Related: does anyone know the gender-neutral singular of cattle?  Is there one?  I felt OK titling this post “cattle” since there were at least two in the field, even if only one in the photo.  It counts, right?