Forest Berries

From the woods around Fort Clatsop.

Lily of the Valley berries?I think they may be wild Lily of the Valley in an intermediate stage of ripeness.  Can anyone confirm (or point out what the actually are)?


Beautiful Morning Light

Well, we have met our upstairs-cleaning deadline: the guest bedroom is now in clean, neat, guest-ready shape just in the nick of time.  (My dad’s arriving tomorrow!)  The rest of the upstairs is still a little messy, but I think he can handle it.

Since the house work was coming along smoothly and it was only drizzling the tiniest amount, I had a chance to take my camera out on Max’s walk this morning.  I feel like I haven’t had much time to take photos in the last week or two, so it was really nice to take a little time for it this morning.

Bare Branch

The light was really pretty – very cold and clean.

I seem to be on somewhat of a berry kick these days, and I took the opportunity to nab some more: both lonely on a bare tree …

Lonely berries on a bare tree.… and blue:

Blue Berries

It looks like we have a relatively non-wet week ahead, and as tomorrow afternoon marks my official break from house work to enjoying having visitors in town, hopefully I will have time to get out with my camera a little more – and save you from boring photos of clutter and rags.

(And I still have a lot of photos from our “mini tour” of Oregon in September … I will finish going through those some day.)